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Maintaining Motivation: Engaging learners through the course
Tuesday, January 19, 2016 8:15:00 AM GMT - 11:00:00 AM GMT
Motivated learners are more likely to engage in the learning process both inside and outside the classroom. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine exactly what it is that motivates learners. Is it their individual desire to learn, or is it the materials we use, or could it be what actually goes on in the classroom? This workshop will look at the recent history of motivation in English language teaching and then outline ways that teachers can think about motivation. We will then explore how teaching materials and real-time classroom interaction can inhibit or promote learner motivation. We will look at what aspects of the learning process teachers can most easily influence in terms of developing motivation and consider practical ways of doing this.


Craig Thaine
Co-author of Cambridge English Empower, Craig has been involved in ELT for 30 years. He is Cambridge DTEFLA qualified and also has an MA (Hons.) in Applied Linguistics. He has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in many different countries including England, Italy, Egypt, Sweden and New Zealand. He is currently Director of Teacher Training at Languages International, Auckland and is a Cambridge English Language Assessment Teaching Awards assessor for both the CELTA and Delta schemes.

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